5 Adorable Bibs for Mess-Free Feeding Time with Your Baby

adorable bibs set for baby

5 Adorable Bibs for Mess-Free Feeding Time with Your Baby

Babies are adorable but messy eaters. The constant need to clean clothes might make parents think about outfit choices that are adorable but functional. Adorable bibs for babies in the UK by Baby O is the perfect choice for parents who wish to ensure their bundle of joy stays clean and comfortable during meals.

Here are some adorable bibs for mess-free feeding and playtime for toddlers and newborns.


What kind of bibs do newborns need?

Babies need bibs that are delicate to their skin and provide gentle care. For newborns, the right choice of material is essential. Cotton Newborn baby bibs in the UK are made from soft and gentle organic cotton material that is made from a natural harvesting process.

Due to frequent dribbles or spit-ups during feeding times, parents should look for bibs that provide good absorbency and can catch drool or milk spills. Ensuring these bibs are easy to clean and dry is also essential.

Additionally, it is vital to look for baby cotton bibs that can fit newborn babies’ tiny necks and chests. Baby bibs with chin support are excellent for providing a contoured shape to children so the bib stays in place and prevents them from rubbing against your baby’s neck.

Those with snap buttons are ideal as they are functional and easy to change. Parents should look for baby bibs with waterproof linings to ensure extra protection.


5 Adorable Bibs to Choose For Newborns

Parents can choose from many sizes and stylish cute bibs for babies in the UK. It depends on the size, material, and shape that children are most comfortable with.

  • Full-coverage smock-style bibs

These bibs are made for super-eater babies who will refuse to have their meals on time. They are the most functional on this list, with long sleeves and generous fronts.

  • The Bandana Bib

The bandana-shaped organic cotton baby bibs are stylish with a Snap-On closure, making it easier to put on and take off. The unique style covers wriggling babies and can be bought in various colours and patterns.

  • Silicon Bibs

These innovative bibs have a built-in silicone catcher pocket that collects crumbs and spills. Although not created from organic cotton, it is manufactured using food-grade silicone that is easy to clean. Their adjustable neckband makes meals enjoyable without making a mess.

  • Multi-Tasker Bibs

The multi-tasker bibs can be used at both ends and come with a burp cloth/bib combo for on-the-go adventures. Their quick snap, easy-to-clean, and highly absorbent designs are excellent for mealtimes during vocations. 

  • Special Occasion Bibs

These unique mealtime bibs are used in festivities and special occasions like birthday parties or weddings. These bibs provide a personal touch with the baby’s name or cute animal designs embroidered at the front. These bibs are also made from premium organic cotton, providing a snuggly fit for newborns and toddlers.

Baby O has recently added a new collection of adorable bibs for babies in the UK. These high-quality organic cotton bibs come with skin safety features that reduce the risk of residue collection during mealtime. The machine-washable bibs come in triangular, curved, and squared shapes to match your little one’s style choices. There are many colour options and patterns to choose from so that you can match the clothing style as per the occasion.



To keep your baby clean, use small portions or meals to reduce spills. Although it can be daunting, mealtime for kids is a fun-filled activity. Relax and let the organic cotton bibs be your companion during messy mealtimes.

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