7 Unisex Baby Clothes That Are Perfect For Any Occasion

7 unisex baby clothes

7 Unisex Baby Clothes That Are Perfect For Any Occasion

Dressing babies in stylish and comfortable clothes is considered an art for new parents and mothers. Babies grow quickly, and finding the size that is manageable in our pockets can be challenging. Hence, parents should choose unisex clothes that can be used in the future or shared with friends and families to reduce waste. 

But there are so many types and varieties of baby clothes for boys and girls, how do mothers know what is perfect for any occasion? Here are some excellent organic cotton unisex baby clothes in the UK that are perfect for any occasion. 


7 Perfect Unisex Baby Clothes


Unisex clothing is suitable for all genders without adhering to standardised norms. They come with loose styles for all body types and provide neutral sizes for a range of freedom and movement. They provide minimalist designs that show simplicity and avoid overtly feminine or masculine design elements. Moreover, they provide functionality and comfort with a unique personality to the wardrobe. 


  1. Bodysuits


Bodysuits are a standard part of all newborn wardrobes. Bodysuits are easy to change, comfortable, and can be used as a standalone cloth for layering during winter. Organic cotton unisex clothes are soft and include nickel-free snaps.


  1. Pyjamas 


Pyjamas are essential as they keep newborns comfortable at night. Pyjamas made from soft organic cotton fabrics also come with footies to help keep little toes warm during winter. 


  1. Onesies


Onesies are also known as long-sleeve or short-sleeve bodysuits in some regions. They can be used with leggings, skirts, or pyjamas and provide basic styling for babies.


  1. Rompers


Rompers are comfy one-piece unisex newborn baby clothes for little trendsetters. These soft and breathable fabrics, including playtime, naps, and outings, are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. With various playful prints or solids, they are easy to wear, change, and mix-and-match for endless outfit combos. The BabyO has a new colourful collection of unisex organic cotton baby clothes, including rompers that can add charm to your baby’s personality. 


  1. Swaddles


Although not classified as cute unisex baby clothes, swaddles are seen as a wrapping or blanket to keep babies warm. They are made of familiar organic cotton material that makes them durable and soft, while they provide temperature regulating and moisture-absorbent properties to keep children comfortable. Swaddles can be bought as part of a clothing set that includes rompers, bodysuits, and onesies. 


  1. Hoodies and Sweater


Cosy up with cuteness! Crafted with buttery-soft sherpa wool and gentle organic cotton, sweaters and hoodies are perfect for keeping babies warm and snuggling your little one in adorable animal-themed outfits. From playful pandas and penguins to majestic lions, these eco-friendly designs feature cuddly details and cosy hoods. 


  1. Organic Baby Accessories  


Baby accessories such as mittens, hats, bibs, and socks are an excellent addition to any occasion. While hats protect babies from cold and light, they also come in festive colours and shapes that can be styled for any occasion. Likewise, mittens and socks can protect newborns from scratching themselves and harm. 


Reason To Buy Gender-Neutral Baby Clothes


For new parents, these reasons can provide a compelling case for buying gender-neutral clothes:

  • Compared to traditional blue and pink tones, gender-neutral clothes empower individuality and break traditional stereotypes. They provide a common style that can be used for newborns with varying designs. 
  • Unisex newborn baby clothes enhance inclusivity and acceptance, fostering a sense of authenticity and community in children. 
  • They can be easily shared with friends and family irrespective of the baby’s gender, reducing waste and promoting savings. 


The Best Unisex Baby Cloth Colours


The most preferred colours for unisex baby clothes in the UK include natural and earthy colours such as Red, blue, yellow, brown, green, beige, and grey. 

Some jewel colours, such as emerald green, amethyst purple, and sapphire blue, provide an elegant touch, while black and white are standard colours that are simple to choose from. 

Parents can look for shades that suit their culture or provide the best ability for children to express themselves freely and comfortably.




Unisex organic cotton baby clothes are a cost-effective way to add style and elegance to your newborn’s wardrobe. These easy-to-share and recommended options can be used for any occasion. Look for easy-to-use and functional clothes such as rompers, onesies, pyjamas, and leggings that can provide versatility and comfort to babies. 

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