About Us

Nothing is more important to parents than the comfort of their baby. At The Baby O, we recognise this. But we also realised that many of the best baby clothes on the market were incredibly expensive and not available to parents on a tight budget. So, we did something about it.

The Baby O came about because those little bundles of joy have soft, sensitive skin. They deserve the best that’s why we use only GOTS certified organic fabrics which are kind to your baby’s skin, eco-friendly and help prevent rashes or aggravate common skin conditions such as eczema and promote comfort.
About Us
About Us
About Us
Baby Girl Cute Yellow and white Dress in UK
Organic Cotton Romper for Newborn In Green
Unisex long sleeves Romper for Newborn
Our products are ethically-sourced, sustainable and provide maximum comfort for your baby. In addition, they are free from ‘toxic chemicals’ that contain dyes, cleansers, traces of pesticides and other chemicals which can be hazardous to delicate skin. Our range of organic cotton clothes are robust and resilient without any added chemicals. The organic fabrics are recommended by the National Eczema Society as they are soft, cool, highly absorbent and skin friendly which allow your baby’s skin to breath.
And we’ve made them AFFORDABLE to all parents.
Every moment you spend with your baby is a blessing, so it’s important for you both to enjoy them There are few better feelings than snuggling up with your baby – and you want your little bundle of joy to be just as snug.

We supply organic baby clothes to make sure you both get the most out of those special moments and milestones. Soft, organic fabrics look after delicate skin and allow it to breath.

As your baby develops and starts to crawl, stand and walk, our high-quality clothing is robust enough to stand up to the rigors of the day, but also soft enough for a comfy nap time.

All our products are manufactured with your family’s wellbeing in mind, but also the wellbeing of the planet and your baby’s future. That’s why every item we stock is sustainably sourced to care.