Discover the Perfect Bibs, Headbands, and Clothes for Your Baby

bibs and headbands for your baby

Discover the Perfect Bibs, Headbands, and Clothes for Your Baby


All parents want to make their newborns feel comfortable, safe, and stylish. The right clothes, bibs, and headbands can provide a charming addition to a newborn’s wardrobe. The Baby O provides the best accessories for your newborn because their products are made from premium quality organic cotton that is breathable, durable, and comfortable. 


Why are Organic Cotton Baby Bibs best for newborns?


Bibs are a mealtime essential for newborn babies as they serve several purposes. They help maintain hygiene as bibs can catch drool, spit-up, and food spills, keeping your baby’s clothes clean and dry. Bibs also prevent food particles from reaching the baby’s hand while minimising the need for frequent outfit changes, saving you time and laundry.

Bibs are also comfortable to use as organic cotton can absorb moisture, protecting your baby from skin irritation due to wet clothes.

Bibs come in various patterns, colours, and designs that add style to newborn mealtime. Each bib can be customised to express unique baby styles. The Triangle and bandana-style bibs are the most common. They can be customised with baby names, symbols, and their favourite cartoon characters. The Baby O sells 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton stylish floral print baby bibs & headband sets for newborn babies. They come with a waterproof lining that keeps baby bibs dry during mealtime. 


Is it Ok for babies to wear headbands?


Headbands are a popular accessory for babies, especially for girls. They provide the perfect final touch to your baby girl’s adorable outfits. When choosing baby headbands in the UK, ensure they are soft, comfortable, and not too tight. For safety purposes, buy headbands without embellishments that could come loose and pose a choking hazard.

Parents should buy headbands that don’t irritate their baby’s head or leave any marks. Baby O has a cute collection of soft and adjustable headbands made from breathable materials like satin, velvet, and organic cotton that are the perfect choice for newborns with delicate skin. 

The recent trend for newborn headbands in the UK includes floral prints, knots, and delicate bows. They can help create moments with beautiful photos enhanced by stylish headbands. Headbands also provide a way for hair management to help keep those wispy strands in place and out of your baby’s eyes.

Headbands are often used for aesthetics, so it’s purely the parents’ decision whether or not to put a headband on their baby; it’s personal. If you choose to do so, prioritise safety and comfort above all else.


Other Organic Baby Accessories


Organic baby accessories provide a newborn baby with excellent comfort, safety and a snuggly feel. Organic baby clothes and toys for newborn babies can protect them from allergies, as organic cotton products do not contain harmful chemical residue that can cause respiratory issues or allergic reactions. 

Toys made from organic cotton are also highly durable and easy to wash. Their ability to stay dry and absorb moisture makes them perfect for playtime or snuggling while sleeping. 

When choosing the best accessories for your newborn, look for season-appropriate socks, mittens, hats, and swaddles. Hats can protect children from harmful sun rays, while mittens and socks protect them from chilly winds and cold weather. Organic cotton with high breathability can also regulate temperature to reduce heat reactions. 




Organic cotton baby accessories provide a superb wardrobe choice for newborn babies. Parents should look for comfortable headbands to add aesthetic styles to their newborn baby’s outfits. The floral and bow patterns can be used for everyday and special occasions. Likewise, baby bibs are great for keeping mealtime safe and fun.

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