Dressing Little Darlings in BabyO’s Organic Cotton Finery

Dressing Little Darlings in Baby O's Organic Cotton Finery

Dressing Little Darlings in BabyO’s Organic Cotton Finery

Becoming a parent comes with both joy and its own set of challenges. Every parent wishes to provide their children with the absolute best. As parents strive to protect children from harm, they are making more eco-friendly clothing choices, such as organic cotton, which is free from harmful dyes, bleaching, and synthetic fertilizers.

Before getting to know some organic cotton clothing styles for babies this New Year, let’s first explore the benefits of choosing organic cotton and how it protects children from harm.

Benefits of Organic Cotton

The biggest benefit of organic cotton baby clothes is that it is free from toxic production processes as compared to synthetic cotton. The production of organic cotton is benchmarked through standards provided by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton products must be free from a list of prohibited inputs that make the fabric free from toxins and makes it hypoallergenic. 

Some of the prohibited fertilizer and herbicide inputs during the production of organic cotton include aromatic solvents, flame retardants, glyphosate, biocides, cyanine dyes, chlorinated benzenes, endocrine disruptors, pest repellants, nano-particles, athletes and other genetically modified organisms (GMO) that are used for hybrid and advanced crop development.

These inputs are prohibited since they can harm both the farmer and the end consumers. Many of these inputs cause cancer by inhalation, respiratory infections, skin irritation, heritable genetic damage, impaired fertility, harm to unborn children, and possible carcinogenic effects causing scrotal cancer, leukaemia, and cancer of the bladder.

Excessive use of low-quality synthetic clothes and fabrics can have a negative impact on baby skin. Apart from redness, itching, and skin rashes, harmful synthetic cotton clothes can also cause acute and chronic respiratory infections, eczema, excessive sweating, hives, and contact dermatitis. Although eczema and contact dermatitis are not life-threatening, they can cause discomfort, skin damage, sleep disturbance, feelings of embarrassment, and infections that need specialized treatments.

As organic cotton is produced from non-genetically modified seeds (non-GMO), farmers use natural pest control and crop rotation as a way to increase yields. The practice of refraining from the use of synthetic fibre makes organic cotton durable, soft, and gentle on baby skin. The fibre’s hollow core and porous nature make organic cotton more absorbent, while natural processing makes organic cotton allergy-free for babies.

Organic Cotton Styles for Babies

There are many varieties of organic cotton for babies that provide a luxurious and comfortable feel.

Organic cotton combined with bamboo rayon fabric is used for winter clothes, including blankets, cardigans, swaddles, and hats. Bamboo fabric blankets have natural temperature regulation tendencies, which keep babies comfortable in warm weather but provide gentle warmth during winters. Organic cotton interlock is another stretchy fabric that allows children to move freely. It is also commonly used for custom-printed t-shirts, personalized blankets or children’s turban.

To enjoy the New Year festivities and special occasions, muslin organic cotton is the perfect choice. The lightweight, lightweight, and versatile light organic cotton cloth. It is also highly durable, keeping it soft over time.

For new parents, The BabyO has a wonderful collection of organic cotton clothes in the UK. These organic cotton clothes and accessories can also be combined with festive accessories to make them the perfect gift for the New Year. The new addition of colourful and charming warm blankets, swaddles, rompers, and t-shirts provides style and comfort to our little darlings while protecting them from skin irritation and diseases.


Making eco-friendly clothing choices for children is a testament to the fact that parents want better for their little darlings. With the ability to reduce skin irritation and allergies, organic cotton has become the front-runner for the best clothing option for kids. GOTS-certified organic cotton clothes also make for an adorable gift with stuffed animals and cute accessories such as mittens and socks.

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