Savings Secrets A Guide to Affordable Newborn clothing

Guide to Affordable Newborn Clothing

Savings Secrets A Guide to Affordable Newborn clothing

Every parent wants their child to look like an angel, but it can be hard to justify expensive clothes as babies grow quickly. This leads to a tricky situation for parents as they try to balance comfort and cost. Let us look at some tips and techniques that can be helpful for parents as they strive to balance affordability and style while finding affordable baby clothes for their newborns.

Online Buying Tips

In recent years, parents have preferred buying newborn baby clothes online due to the wide selection and convenience of online shopping. The total amount spent on online shopping has risen from $11.45 billion in 2020 to $14.54 billion by 2023. Allied Market Research shows that baby clothing accounted for 32.8% of sales in 2021 compared to 27.6% in 2020.

Here are some tips that can be beneficial for parents when finding affordable newborn baby clothes online.

  •   Always look for Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified products as it ensures you are purchasing natural organic baby clothes for your little ones.
  • Look for online discounts on bulk purchases. It will save you extra delivery and handling fees.
  • Check the size chart before you buy clothes. If you are unsure, size up as newborn babies grow quickly.
  • Choose versatile clothes, such as rompers and onesies, that can be worn on multiple occasions.
  •       Avoid clothes with a lot of beads and buttons.
  •   Always read online store reviews and return policies before purchasing clothes.

The Right Material – Organic Cotton

The materials used for baby clothes can significantly impact your beloved child’s comfort. The Journal of Environmental Health ( Perspectives recommends using organic cotton baby clothes for newborns to reduce the risk of developing eczema that can cause dry and itchy skin. Organic cotton is also less likely to cause allergic reactions, is more breathable, and is highly absorbent than conventional clothing materials such as polyester or fleece.

Some renowned online stores such as The BabyO ensure their newborn baby clothes are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. It endorses the notion of environmental sustainability and safety as organic cotton is grown with the use of natural fertilisers and pesticides and not the harsh chemical and toxic pesticides used in conventional cotton.

Organic cotton consumes 91% less water and produces 46% fewer greenhouse gases during production. Organic cotton has also become more cost-effective and affordable, making it the best choice for parents looking for stylish and sustainable clothes for their newborn children.

The Right Colors – Matching the Season

Now that we know how to benefit from online stores and why organic newborn baby clothes are best for babie’s comfort, we must look at the right colours that can be appropriate for newborn babies as per the season.

Light, pastel, and bright colours are more commonly used in spring and summer. While light colours can keep the baby cool during summer, pastel colours like light green, lavender, and baby pink look delicate. Maybe add accessories, such as sunglasses, to protect babies from the sun.

Likewise, warm, neutral and jewel tones look aesthetically pleasing during the winter and fall. Orange and red are warm colours preferred during winter, while sapphire blue, emerald green, and ruby red look best in special events during fall. Additionally, buying coats, hats, and gloves can keep the baby warm during winter.

Although there are no defined rules to choose colours for the season, light colours during summers and warm colours during winters can comfort babies. Some mix and match can make life colourful.


Parents must compare prices and look for affordable options when buying newborn baby clothes. However, it should not be at the expense of the comfort and wellbeing of their children. Organic cotton clothes are sensible, cost-effective and bring comfort to children while being.

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