What are the Benefits of Using Organic Baby Swaddles?

organic baby swaddles

What are the Benefits of Using Organic Baby Swaddles?

Swaddling is the process of wrapping babies in a womb-like environment to promote better sleep while reducing startle reflexes and fussiness. Correctly swaddling babies can regulate temperature, enhance comfort, and support bonding through gentle pressure and skin-to-skin contact. The right type of cloth can affect a baby’s sleep pattern and comfort. Hence, choosing organic baby swaddles for newborns in the UK can be an excellent way to secure your Newborn and provide a cosy sleep environment.


Do They Swaddle Babies in the UK?


Swaddling has been a common practice for centuries. Many parents in the UK use cotton swaddles for Newborns to help them sleep comfortably. Swaddles provide a womb-like comfort to babies, reducing the risk of fussiness in babies.

Mothers often swaddle their babies for the first four to six months after birth. However, swaddling should be discontinued when babies start rolling over and need freedom of movement. Organic cotton swaddles for newborns can be the perfect choice for babies who constantly roll over and need freedom of movement.


Are Swaddle Sacks Safe in the UK?


Swaddling was traditionally done with cotton blankets and towels. However, using blankets or towels as swaddles can be harmful because some materials might not be breathable or cause suffocation to children.

Hence, swaddles made from organic cotton have become the norm among new parents. Organic cotton fabric is lightweight and durable due to its natural production process. Due to the lack of harmful chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides during the production process, organic cotton is gentle on a baby’s skin. This reduces the risk of friction that can cause rashes, redness, and skin diseases in children.

To ensure the safety of babies, choose Baby O organic cotton swaddles that come with adjustable fastenings and breathable fabrics, ensuring your baby has a comfortable and cosy sleep.


What Should Baby Wear Under Swaddle in the UK?


Considering the temperature in the UK varies, parents need to choose proper clothing that can protect babies from heat, sunlight, rain, and chilly winds.

Try using lightweight organic cotton clothes for babies that provide moisture-absorbing properties with maximum air circulation for comfort. The Baby O has full sleeves and traditional organic cotton rompers, leggings, bodysuits, and onesies that serve as the perfect layer to use under swaddles.

These rompers, onesies, bodysuits, and leggings come with swaddle-matching colour options to maintain style on regular and special days. Festive unique rompers to match with swaddles are often sold in sets so parents can focus on celebrations.


How Many Hours Should a Newborn Be Swaddled?


Irrespective of using organic cotton swaddle for newborns, it is recommended to swaddle babies for a maximum of two hours at a time. Although the time and duration can be increased as children grow, parents should monitor their baby’s behaviour to notice if they are trying to roll over or not.    

The 100% GOTS-certified organic baby swaddles for newborns in the UK by Baby O come in different sizes and designs. The versatile multipurpose swaddles can also be used as blankets to wrap babies outdoors or during the winter season. Organic cotton swaddles also show low wear and tear, making them durable. Additionally, it can be shared with friends and family to reduce environmental waste.




Organic cotton swaddles prioritize your baby’s comfort and well-being while making a responsible environmental choice. Their moisture-absorbing characteristics, low allergy index, and gentle properties make them the perfect choice for new parents.

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