Where Can I Find Affordable Baby Clothes for Girls in the UK?

affordable baby clothes in UK

Where Can I Find Affordable Baby Clothes for Girls in the UK?

The arrival of little princesses can fill the hearts of parents with joy. It also offers a chance to create cute wardrobes that contain colourful dresses. Every parent thinks of a wardrobe full of easy-to-wear and soft baby clothes. However, finding affordable baby clothes for girls in the UK that are comfortable and stylish can be a challenge. The right answer to this challenge is to look for organic cotton baby clothes for girls. 


Here are hacks and hidden gems to help you find affordable baby clothes for girls in the UK.


Stylish Baby Girl Dresses at Affordable Price


Newborn baby girl clothes are now much easier to find than ever before. Multiple brands offer organic cotton ruffle-trimmed rompers, playful printed leggings, and oh-so-sweet floral dresses that provide baby girls with comfort and style. 

The 100% GOTS-certified baby girl dresses can be found in stores and online. The Baby O has an extensive collection of high-quality rompers, swaddles, and organic baby accessories that help newborn babies stand out. These organic clothes provide safety from skin allergies and redness while covering babies in a snuggly, soft, and breathable texture. 

Additionally, parents can look for organic cotton clothes online from retailers such as Organic Zoo, MORI, Mamas and Papas, and Nature Baby. 


The Right Amount to Spend on Baby Items


New mothers love to spend a lot on clothes that make their baby girls look comfortable and cosy. However, the right approach is to make a mini-budget and approach clothing choices from the lens of minimalism. 

A realistic baby girl clothing budget is based on the age, season, and the type of quality parents wish to buy. Although organic cotton baby clothes can be expensive, the Baby O has an affordable collection with unisex rompers and swaddles that range from £11 to £15. They are often on discounts, so these high-quality products are an excellent choice for new mothers. 

However, organic cotton baby clothes such as rompers, onesies, t-shirts, leggings, and swaddles can cost anywhere between £10 to £50 and above, depending on the type of fabric. Sherpa wool and Pima organic cotton can be expensive as they are more luxurious.  

A good budget for newborns and toddlers can range from £20 to £100 a month. Try availing discounts and ensure you purchase durable clothes to reduce wastage. 


How to buy baby clothes wisely?


There are some unspoken golden rules when buying affordable clothes for newborn girls. These include versatility, flexibility, use of multipacks and specific lists. 

First, create a specific list of clothes you wish to buy and ensure they are versatile. Baby rompers The BabyO sells can be used as standalone one-piece clothing or as an inner layer during winters. These rompers are perfect for diaper change and provide a stylish option for indoor use. Likewise, baby dresses, leggings, and t-shirts are multi-purpose and can be used for several occasions. 

Next, look for multipack discounts. Many baby clothing gift packs include a combination of clothes and accessories such as blankets, rompers, onesies, pyjamas, t-shirts, baby bibs, socks, mittens, and swaddles. These multipack purchases are a good way to save money. Try availing end-of-season discounts and sales to get the best deals. 

Finally, purchase clothes with a sense of minimalism. The minimalist concept includes purchasing what is necessary but ensuring it’s functional and stylish. Also, share baby girl clothes with friends and family members to reduce wastage as babies grow quickly and the size of clothes frequently changes. 




How much clothing should a baby wear?


It is essential to find a balance when you buy clothing for newborn baby girls depending on age and season; try buying four to five sets of bodysuits, pyjamas, sleep sacks, hats, mittens, long-sleeved tops, pants, and socks for colder temperatures.


How many outfits does a baby need per day?


When buying affordable baby clothes for girls in the UK, expect 2-4 outfit changes daily as spills, playtime, drools, spit-up, and blowouts are frequent. Try mixing and matching to add style to the wardrobe. Playful characters, polka dots, animals and rainbow designs can add comfort and style. 




Organic cotton baby girl clothes are an excellent choice for babies with sensitive skin. It provides comfort, breathability and style to the wardrobe. Organic cotton is also sustainable and durable, reducing the frequent need to buy new clothes. Head on over to the Baby O store to find the perfect collection for your newborn baby girls. 

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